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Board of Directors Position Descriptions

  • President - Maintains contact with LL International and District 3, including attendance at all appropriate meetings and responsible for responding to all communication therefrom.  Has first-hand knowledge of regulations of LL International, Authorizes the annual application for charter and binds all members of DBSC to observe the regulations.  Work with the community related to fields, improvements, and other issues.  Takes active role in gaining support and winning friends for the program.  This role takes on average 12-16 hours a week, not including events and board or district meetings. 
  • Vice President - Presides in the absence of the President; works with all officers and committee members; is an ex-officio member of all committees and carries out assignments delegated by President. - This role offers about 5-10 hours per week to the board, including committee work and time with Little League events.
  •  Secretary - Responsible for the maintenance of minutes for all meetings and their distribution, responsible for ensuring adherence to all notifications of meetings, chairperson of the nominations committee - This role has on average about 5 hours per month, not including events.
  •  Baseball Commissioner - Plan for season - gyms, clinics for training, oversee clinics, recruit and choose coaches, get board approval. Determine how many teams will be in each division, run evaluations, attend drafts to support process.  Hold coach’s meetings, inform, train, prepare for season, work with other leagues to process scheduling, handle parent/player concerns, work with scheduling team to re-schedule rain-outs, assist with All Star process, including sitting on All Star Committee and proposing a budget for board approval.. - This role has up and down busy times, on average taking 10-16 hours a week.
  •  Softball Commissioner - Plan for season - gyms, clinics for girls training, oversee clinics, recruit and choose coaches, get board approval, evaluate equipment and order as necessary.  Determine how many teams will be in each division, run evaluations, attend drafts to support process.  Hold coach’s meetings, inform, train, prepare for season, pass out equipment, work with other leagues to process scheduling, handle parent/player concerns, work with scheduling team to re-schedule rain-outs, assist with All Star process to include sitting on All Star Committee and proposing a budget for board approval.  This role has up and down busy times, on average taking 10-12 hours a week.
  •  Fundraising Director - This role is responsible for proposing and coordinating all fundraising for Dexter Little League. This includes coordinating the annual flower sale, dine to donate events and special events like trivia night.  Works with the Board to determine apparel fundraising plans (vendor, products, prices) and coordinates apparel sales at various events throughout the year. Chair of the Fundraising Committee. Coordinates with committee members to plan and support various fundraising activities. Works with Communications Director to communicate events to DLL families and communicates with the Sponsorship Director if donations requests are needed for special event (opening day giveaways, Trivia Night baskets, etc) to ensure no overlap with donor requests.  Maintains relationships with vendors who supply funds to support the league. The hours for this role vary throughout the year ranging from 6-20 hours per week during busy times.
  •  Sponsorship Director -  Responsible for coordinating and reporting on all sponsorship activities including identification of sponsors, collection of sponsorship monies, agreement forms, and recognition of sponsors.  Ensures correct sponsorship names are used on uniforms and signage.  Obtains permit from the city and coordinates hanging of DLL registration banner on Main Street. Obtains permit from the city and coordinates placement and removal of DLL registration yard signs.  Ensures sponsorship plaques are distributed timely and that sponsors are thanked appropriately.  The hours for this role vary based on the time of season: 8-10 hours per week prior to the start of the season then 1-2 hours per week, not including event days and meetings.
  • Concessions Coordinator - Establish the best course of action for concessions at the Creekside fields. This position entails opening and closing the concession stand daily, assigning schedules in the concession stand, purchasing items for the stand, placing orders for any hot food to be delivered, and cleaning the stand.  This position is also responsible for maintaining an up-to date license with the health department.  This job is minimal in the off-season, but is definitely 20+ hours during the season.
  •  Communications Director - Responsible for all communications with DLL players, families and fans.  Collects, posts and distributes all information to members, public, media, etc.  This role also manages all social media to effectively communicate with members on upcoming activities, and maintains website.  Hours vary depending on where we are in the season. then 1-2 hours a week not including special events and meetings.
  •  Equipment Manager - Responsible for upkeep and maintenance of all team and player equipment for baseball and softball.  Issue and collect equipment from coaching staff.  Maintain inventory of all equipment to ensure it is returned, prepares plan for updated equipment and budgeting.  Removes unsafe equipment from inventory, oversees storage facility and relationship with facility.  
  •  Player Agent - Advocate for all player members, standing member of draft and All Star selection committee, manages registration process and maintains league rosters, responsible for adherence to processes approve by the board, has the authority of board to rule on any issues that arise during events.  Responsible for checking birth records and bounds, coordinates evaluation of player’s level of play.  The hours for this role varies based on time of season, 6-10 hours/ week for pre and regular season and 20-25 hours a week during Evaluation,/draft time and all star time.
  •  Safety Director - Responsible for creating and maintaining safety plan, inventory and update all safety kits for teams and fields, update AED pads and batteries as necessary, conduct background checks on all volunteers, coordinate safety training for all volunteers, collect concussion forms for new players, involved with safety of players during inclement weather, review players who request to play up during evaluations, file injury claims with Williamsport.  This role varies on hours based on time of season, front end busy preparing for season and then 1-2 hours a week not including events and meetings.
  •  Treasurer - Responsible for all DBSC finances, safeguarding and maintaining financial records, developing and enforcing compliance with financial controls, preparing annual budget, dispensing funds as approved, reporting on financial status, handling deposits and withdrawals at the bank, monitoring the PO Box, ensuring tax exempt status at vendors, evaluating adequacy of insurance coverages and other asset safeguards, and preparing tax returns. Chair of finance committee.  This role takes on average 5-10 hours per month off season, not including events and meetings. February to July can be 5-10 hours per week depending on activities.
  •  Chief Umpire - Responsible for recruiting, training, oversight and scheduling umpires for baseball and softball.  Order rulebooks, establish, distribute and enforce all playing rules, answer questions/concerns from members/umpires/coaches about rules, and assist in hosting tournaments. Chair of Rules Committee and assist with other committees. Umpire games as needed. Schedule or assist scheduling of field preparation crews. Off season hours are very few, not including meetings & events. Hours vary from 8-20 per week from February to July depending on activities.
  •  Field Maintenance Director - Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of fields.  Responsible for organizing field days for spring prep and fall clean up.  Prepares plan of field needs and submits budget request.  Maintains inventory of field equipment, insures fields are playable on game days, works with schools to communicate issues and improvements.  Responsible for management of field crew, including scheduling the tasks they are to perform.  The hours for this role varies, not including events and meetings could be as high as 2-4 hours per day.  On average will be 6-10 hours per week.
  •  Member-at-Large – Responsible for supporting the Board throughout the year as needed.  This may include helping plan Opening and Closing Day, helping coordinate DLL players and coaches marching in the Memorial Day Parade, supporting evaluations and all star hosting activities, and working as a liaison with the Challenger Division, etc.  The hours for this role vary throughout the year, but are minimal. Most time is spent at monthly meetings and on committees.

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